17 September, 2009

Anna Rose Photography, Perth Australia

Whether you are a bride looking for a wedding photographer; a couple wanting engagement phots; or just need a photographer in general for portraits; kids; etc, you absolutely can not go wrong with Anna Rose Photography.

Based in Perth, Jennifer is a master in capturing not only the bride; couple; family, or kids, but a master in capturing the love, the mood, the feelings, and the emotions of the people she is photgraphing. Her photos transcend so much further beyond just the environment of the photo set. Much like capturing an image on film, Jennifer is a pro at capturing the love and emotion of a family or of a couple. I simply can not say enough good things about her photography. There just aren't enough words in the English language...stunning; remarkable; memorable; thought provoking; emotive; beautiful; timeless; elegant; flirty; fun...the list is infinite.

Long story short, if you are looking for a photographer, and you are based in Perth, or Australia wide, you can not go past Jennifer and Anna Rose Photography.

** Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to share these photos on my blog. I simply can't scream it from the mountaintops loud enough...you are awesome! **

A chocolate brown; pink; and green wedding

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When Rodney and I were planning our wedding, I decided on a Chocolate brown, light pink, and apple green colour palette. I couldn't decide whether or not to use the pink or green w/ the brown, so I decided on both. Hey, it was my wedding day. A girl can have what she wants on that day can't she?