30 April, 2010

Where would you love to live? - Katrina

Well, I love where I live right now. I love Australia..so much so that I get my citizenship in December. YAY. My hubby is an Aussie,& he's never lived in the US, so eventually we want to move back there. {Like in 10-15 years.} When we do, we'll go to San Francisco. I grew up there, & most of my close family lives there. San Francisco, to me, is the most beautiful city on Earth. Not just physcially, but the spirit and the energy of the city is unmatched. So, I would love to move back there. When the time is right.

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I'm alive...and designing

I'm alive you all!  I really am!  I've just been so busy lately...lots of ups and downs, ins and outs, but, I'm here and I'm pushing on. {See post below.}

Have been superbly busy, and on the days I've not been superbly busy, I've been catching up with life things that creep up when I'm busy, that I put to the back burner. But I'm here. Still.

One of my latest projects has been designing a Simplicity Range of wedding stationery, to be sold exclusively through my Etsy store. The range is meant to be classic, clean, simple, and timeless...and also meant to be cost effective, so as to not blow your wedding budget.

The range is listed along with the RSVP cards, but as each piece is designed around the monogram, each piece of wedding stationery from the invite to the menu and all pieces in between, can easily be coordinated, giving you a flawless and seamless stationery line from start to finish.

07 April, 2010

My new mantra

An amendment to my previous post..
My new mantra...it's big, it's bold, it's simple...it's the truth. Thanks Tracy!
xoxo A

A little gut-wrenching honesty


Coming off of a nice, long, relaxed Easter holiday with my beautiful daughter and gorgeous husband, I knew starting back to work today would be busy, but rewarding. I was positive, upbeat, and rarin to go! 

Boy, was I. Wrong. 

Stress from the word go. Everything that could go wrong did. To be honest with you, I've had some struggles in the direction the business is heading in and I've been more than a little frustrated with the snails pace that things have been moving at.  And the worst part? I've been taking it personal! I shouldn't be, but I do. I'm not gonna lie.  When I get rejection, it's like a slap in the face..like somehow I've failed.  In.Sane.

The logical, focused, and realistic side of me says that everything that happens, is happening for a reason..that every step that I take, good or bad, is taking me in the direction that I meant to go in.  The irrational, emotional, and insane part of me is letting the negativity take over and is consuming me with feelings of self-doubt, hesitation, fear, and a sense of just wanting to let it all go so I don't have to worry about the let down's and rejections.  Cop out? Yep. Sincere, genuine, gut-wrenching honesty? You know it. 

I struggled through my reader today..sifting through all the posts on meaningless this, and I could care less about that..I had bigger things to think about..like, whether or not I'm going to keep this business. Who gives a rat's about a peony and rose bouquet when I'm considering giving up on my dream!?  Then, I got to Little Bit Funky. This is one of my favourite blogs and it has nothing to do with weddings.  It was an Easter post and this is what Crystal said: 

"The following quote has been on instant replay in my head this week...reminding me that I AM good enough as I am...not with improvements...or lighter...or smarter...or having memorized more of the Bible.  He loves me just like I am...in all my failing and faults.  He loves me as I strive to do better and fail and fail again.  

"He wants you. In his arms. 
By his side. Surrendered and free in His presence.
Not because you deserve it or have earned it or are perfect.
Because of Easter.
That’s it."

What the?  Did she write that for me? How? She doesn't even know me! But it so...fits!  So, after reading that a million times, after a great pep talk {or 12} from my fantabulous husband, and after tons of positive wishes and thoughts from friends, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

What next?
Well, I'm still going to wonder when things will turn around. But, tomorrow morning, I'm going to wake up, I'm going to fix a ginormous pot of coffee, and start making lists. I'm going to make lists of lists, and these lists are going to have goals...short-medium-long term goals.  They're going to cover what I want. What I don't want. What I will, and what I won't, do. If I can write it, it'll be written.  I'm going to quit doubting myself and my talents.  I'm damn good at what I do. I know it as sure as I'm typing this. I'm going to live it.  Through the good and the bad, I will never lose sight of it. I provide kick ass customer service. I love my clients..and my clients love me.  Did I mention I'm damn good at what I do? Well, I am.  I have faults. I'm human, I always will have faults. I will continue to learn that my faults do not define the type of human being that I am, or that I will become.  

Consistent positivity is something that I am always trying to find in my life. All I can do is keep on keepin on. I'm on this path for a reason.  I'm going to always remind myself that this is where I'm meant to be, right this second. And get through this very second so I can get through the next.

PS. I love the OM symbol.  It's the most paramount symbol in Hinduism and represents unconditional love and harmony, an ancient symbol of peace and tranquility. 

01 April, 2010

April Vendor of the Month: Creative Custom Card Boxes

ardbox Diva
Marni Gold didn't always know she wanted to design and hand create custom card boxes.  In fact, based on her background, she should've been more destined to sing at The Met or on Broadway, than designing for weddings. She studied Opera and music theatre in college, receiving a Bachelors  Degree in Musical Theatre and a Masters Degree in Education.  Marni is not only a trained singer, but an experienced voice coach, giving private voice lessons at a school in New Jersey.

You may be wondering how Marni discovered her hidden talent of creating card boxes.  Like so many brides before Marni, when she was planning her own wedding in 2008, she was searching for her own secure way to store gifts and cards at her reception. Not being able to find anything that wasn't too tacky, or too expensive, Marni decided to take matters into her own hands. So with the help of her mother, who had years of décor and entertaining experience, Marni created an eco-friendly custom card box "that was simple, elegant, and understated, while still corresponding with the wedding colours and theme". One thing led to another, and now here she is, not only a trained singer, but the Owner and Designer of Creative Custom Card Boxes.

Whether your wedding is refined and traditional or as "glam as it gets", you can be assured that your custom card box will be designed and handcrafted with as much love; care, and attention to detail that Marni had when she designed and handcrafted her own. She will work closely with you to ensure your exact vision is brought to life.  You will be left with a beautifully handcrafted card box to safely secure gifts and cards at your wedding, that you will be able to use long after your wedding day. 

Not getting married but still want one of Marni's Creative Custom Card Boxes?  Not to worry.  Whether your event is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah; shower; Sweet 16; birthday, or Quinceñiearas, Marni can work with you to come up with the perfect design.

p: 1.888.315.9296