25 November, 2010

The Handwritten Brigade:: Part Deux

I have had so darn much overwhelming support for this little 3 person club that I started the other day.  It's amazing how quickly the word has spread and now our little 3 person club has turned into a mighty handwriting army that spans 4 continents & countless states/regions in each of those continents.  Oh wait. Let me just repeat that because I can't comprehend it just once::


I've only just completed the 1st sample design that I decided to create especially for this handwritten revolution we've started, and everytime I turn around, someone else is contacting me wanting to join. How awesome is that?! How awesome are YOU?!  So I ask you to please continue spreading the word to your friends; family; pets; neighbours and neighbours great Aunt twice removed.  And for each one of you that is going to write a letter and then pay it forward, I ask you to PLEASE email me your name, a little about yourself, and how many people you've told to write a letter & pay it forward.  For the people that you've asked to participate, please pass my email address on to them & ask them to email me with the same information.  I promise you, as sure as I'm typing this, your information will not be given to anyone else, advertised or displayed in any way.  I just want to keep a running list of how many people are participating so I can occasionally post numbers, and also give each of you a badge for your blog and/or website.

Based on the response and the feedback that I've received so far, it's so easy to see that people crave real social contact and meaningful communication.  I am so thankful with how far this project has come and I would be so happy with the results, even if it had to end today.  But knowing it doesn't end today, I'm so excited to see just how far it can go.  With your help, it's limitless and knows no boundaries.

Don't forget to check back to the blog from time to time because I'll occasionally do a short progress post, and again, thank you so much everyone for your support and unending encouragement with this project.