30 March, 2010

29 March, 2010

Lovely Literature

This is my latest favourite little piece of literature. Okay. So it's not Homer or Shakespeare, but, it's in my kinda English and the pictures are kick a**.  The magazine highlights the seasons that we, in the Southern Hemisphere, have just left, but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's, in my opinion, one of the best bridal magazines around.  Let's just be honest.  It's Martha. It's Weddings. It's the best of both worlds.

There's another extra special piece of lovliness in this latest installment: The wedding of Eunice + Daniel.  aka. Mr. & Mrs. Hello!Lucky.  A must read for die-hard H!L fans...like me!



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Aquamarine, Red, & Grey

Aquamarine, Red, and Grey

My latest inspiration board is dedicated to 1 of my favourite colour combinations: red, aquamarine, and light grey.  Although fall is here in Australia and rich Autumn colours abound, I still love this colour combination no matter what time of year it is.  The rich reds, and bright colourful aquamarine, are anchored with soft muted grey...makes me so happy!

Bridal Style- Style Collective

I'm so excited and proud to announce that I will be a regular Contributing Writer to Bridal Style, a style "arm" of Style Collective.  In my regular posts, I'll feature tips and ideas on anything and everything from DiY weddings, to choosing your colour palette, all the way to flowers and wedding themes.  I can't wait to get started! So, keep your eyes and ears open kiddo's..my posts will run every 2nd Friday of the month.

19 March, 2010

DiY wedding rings

We all know that we can go to most any local jeweller and design our own wedding rings.  We design, they make.  Well, did you know that you can also design and make?  That's right. Larson Jewellry in Sydney offers classes to couples who want to choose a ring that is as individual as they are.  Until 30 March, 2010, they are the only jeweller in Australia that offers this unique and individual service.  As of the 30th, they are opening a Melbourne location {Yay us!} on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke Streets.

From classic wedding bands, to more intricate designs made with diamonds or mixing of metals, they guarantee a perfect result.  You will be working with your own personal jeweller from beginning to end, ensuring that you are 100% happy with the result.  The process lasts a few hours, and you can come in with your design already at hand, or you can design on the day with the help of some pieces they have on hand to give you a little inspiration.  The ring making process incorporates traditional handcrafting techniques such as milling; bending; soldering; filing; buffing, and polishing.  Because you will have an expert jeweller by your side from beginning to end, creativity is not mandatory; and you don't have to have metal-working experience.

During the class, you will break for a light lunch and champagne. {Sign me up.} Also included in the service cost are photos on a CD of you creating, and a lifetime of polishes to keep your rings as shiny as possible.

Metal options include:
9ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold
18 ct Yellow, White, or Rose Gold
18ct Gold and Platinum

Contact Larson Jewellry for all pricing.

So when picking out rings for your big day, why not consider going the DiY route?  It's individual; unique, and 100% you.  Plus, the experience gives you a few hours of quality time creating and designing with the one you love.

Hmmm, I think I might talk to my hubby about this for an anniversary ring...

16 March, 2010

March Vendor of the Month: Two Cheeky Monkeys

What do you get when you take an ex-scientist and add in a love for vintage beads and cabochon's? Well, a jewelry and accessory designer and owner of Two Cheeky Monkeys, of course!

With the encouragement of family and friends, Two Cheeky Monkeys began in July 2009 after being unable to find work in Melbourne as a Scientist.  With 2 little girls who are the inspiration behind the business name, she can no longer be found in the research lab, but is now a work from home mom with a thriving jewelry and accessory design business.

With a love for vintage beads, jewels, pearls, and Swarovski, Deb creates vintage inspired pieces, as well as pieces with a more modern flair.  All of the designs that you purchase at Two Cheeky Monkeys are either Limited Edition or one of a kind pieces, giving you the guarantee that no 2 pieces will be the same.  Deb does not stop at jewelry.  She designs and handcrafts hair accessories; brooches, and shoe clips.  You are one of a kind.  Shouldn't your jewelry and accessories be as well?  What's even better than that, Deb donates 10% to all profits to Tear Australia a Christian Aid and Advocacy Organization that helps people in developing countries.

Deb is available for jewelry parties and home viewings as well!  Contact her to discuss this further.

You can find Deb here:
Twitter  {@dspdavey}
At her Etsy shop here.

15 March, 2010

The Paper Couturière

This is the first opportunity that I've given myself to sit at the computer and write a blog post.  As many of you know, I've spent the better part of the last 5 weeks or so completely overhauling the website.  Why did it only take you 5 weeks, you ask? Well, because I was working on it 7 days a week, for up to 15 hours a day. Over the top?  Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.

With the launch of the new website just last Thursday, on 11 March, I've not wanted to even turn my computer on, let alone do any typing or editing. I've had enough of it.  But, it's Monday.  A new week, and time to get stuck back into it.  I don't want to lose any of the creative juices that I rediscovered while on my website overhaul journey.  Which brings me to right now.

So many of you assisted me in this process from beginning to end.  You know who you are.  I sought help at 3am, and I begged for assistance at 1pm.  I was stressed beyond belief, and you listened to me, you offered advice, you gave me constructive criticism, and you never, not once, told me I was crazy {even though I'm sure you thought it}.  {By the way, I am.  Totally. Crazy.} 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  You helped me keep my sanity, and that means the world to me.  For those of you who offered the most beautiful compliments and feedback after the launch, I say thank you.  I am so proud of the finished result.  I see how all of my hard work, all of the insomnia, and all of the stress headaches, have eventuated into a website that I believe is perfectly Autumn, perfectly The Paper Couturière.  I am so blessed that you see the beauty in it, like I do.  It's made everything so worthwhile.

Rebecca: You are a God send. You are priceless. Thank you for always double checking on what I'm doing. Thank you for always being my "admin" person; telling me what I can do better.  You always have my best interests at heart and you are simply precious.

Tracy: You are genius! Thank you for your positivity and encouragement.  Thank you for reminding me why it's okay to not be the Comma Queen. :)

Steph: Vous remercier autant de pour vos réactions, et prendre le temps de votre jour pour m'aider dans le dernier peu de temps avant le lancement. Merci beaucoup!

05 March, 2010

Your wedding dress: white? white? or white?

Okay, so, we all know that white is not a colour right?  We all know that it's a shade.  Well, did you also know that there are about 392 different shades of the shade white?  And did you also know that you can get a wedding dress in all of those different shades?  Yes, my mind is also boggling with the revelation that there is a shade of white for every day of the calendar year.  But what are those shades?  How are they described?  And if you see a wedding dress that is blue white, exactly how is the mother-of-the-bride going to be able to picture it?

This a just a small sampling of the endless list of shades of white, but these are the most common and if you're doing hardcore dress shopping, you're sure to run into at least some of them.

Champagne or Oyster
Off-White, w/ pink undertones and suits the bride who has olive complexion, or other darker skin tones.
Diamond White/Natural White
Found only in more expensive fabrics, such as silk, this colour will suit brides with a light complexion.
This colour of dress is slightly darker than the Champagne/Oyster dress, but will still suit the bride with darker skin complexion.
This shade of white has golden or yellow undertones and will suit the bride with fair complexion.
Stark White/Blue White
DO NOT wear this shade of white if you are have a fair complexion.  Step. Away. From. This. Dress. And. No one. Will. Get. Hurt. This shade is only suited for brides w/ a darker complexion.
Add some colour
It's 2010 and brides are increasingly getting more and more daring with their choice of bridal attire.  From White, to pink, or both {thanks Gwen Stefani}, to Scarlet red, and even black, brides are making the choice based on their personalities and what they would feel most comfortable in. C'mon now, you don't see a rocker-chic-glam-bride dressed in an Ivory ruffled number do you?  No.

Even if you want to go the white {or various shades of it} route, but you still want to add a splash of colour to better define your personality..add a sash in a coordinating wedding colour...choose shoes that give your attire a pop of colour, or, instead of a veil, choose a colourful hair accessory.  Go on.  Take the best of both worlds!  Wear white to make your mom happy, but make yourself happy by adding some colour.

For my wedding, I chose a champagne coloured dress and mantilla, and apple green sandals with rhinestone butterflies.  Those, were my pop of colour!  What will yours be?

Thank you to i-do.com.au for providing the definitions of these shades of white.

03 March, 2010

What style are you?

Are you bold? Outspoken? Fearless? Are you sophisticated and daring?  
If so, then black and white is for you.
Timeless, elegant, sultry, and daring, choosing a black and white wedding means you go against the grain..that you are sophisticated and elegant, but on your own terms.  Best for a night, formal wedding, the bride who chooses a black and white colour pallette will not be wearing ruffles on her dress.  Instead, she'll a dress that's sleek and form fitting, accentuated by a feather fascinator in her hair than a lacy veil.

The black and white bride pulls no punches.  What you see, is what you get.

02 March, 2010

For You

For my friends, these are what I wish for.
For my family, these are what I wish for.
For those who think little and small of me, these are what I wish for.

In giving these things away to you, 
I get these things back in return.