11 January, 2010

The Dome, Melbourne

Constructed in 1890, The Dome, on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, stands as one of Melbourne's most breathtaking architectural achievements. Recognized by the British Society of Architects as "the finest structure of it's type in the world", it is perfect for the bride and groom who want only the best and must have their wedding surrounded in opulent luxury.

Several features of The Dome still exist from it's initial construction. The mosaic-tile floors, the Italianate pillars, and the baroque features are all still in form even more than 100 years ago. And that's not even taking into consideration the sheer scale of the dome itself! Words can not describe...it's something that must be seen to be believed.

Able to host cocktail parties for up to 400 guests, and seated dinners for up to 180 guests, there is no other place to hold your grand event if you truly want to impress your guests.
Photos courtesy of The Dome

Services include:

Food and Beverage Catering
Theme Consultation
Disabled Access
AV Facilities
Nearby public transport and multi-level car parks
Hire equipment

Prices start from $1500 + venue setup.

Bridal Season 2010

We are in full swing Bridal Season here in Australia. The sun is out, the temperatures are up, and brides Australia wide are in mid-planning of their special day. As much as I love the whiteness of a winter wedding, accented by candlelight and deep hues, a vibrant summer wedding full of cool colours and fruity drinks is right up my alley...I can practically see the tan lines.
What's so great about a Summer wedding, are all of the ways that it can be personalized to reflect you. There's no room for "cookie cutter" in a Summer wedding. Instead, it's all about bringing your individual style; flavour; and personality to your big day. Instyle Weddings has provided just a few ideas to light your way and guide you until you find your own "perfect day". Why not take some of these ideas, and use them as they are, or put your own twist to them to perfectly reflect you. Either way, they scream of personality!Who said that a wedding cake is a mandatory reception staple? Why not have a table with trays of cookies; tarts; and tiers of cupcakes, iced in vanilla goodness? Not only will this save you money by not bringing cake cutting fees into the picture, but it allows your guests more of an option for desert. And trays of goodies are so much easier to pack up and take away than a big bulky wedding cake. {Not to mention so much easier to eat while dancing the night away!}And what's better in the summer than a fresh fruity cocktail? Do you and your fiancé have a favourite drink? Or favourite flavour? Why not invent your own special wedding day concoction... One that mirrors the colours of your wedding and is just as sweet as you. Offer your signautre cocktail up for your guests during the cocktail hour while the bridal party is off taking photos...something refreshing is perfect while they are waiting for the real party to start. But nothing says that your signature drink is ONLY for cocktail hour..make it available throughout the reception!
We are so lucky to live in a country that has such a lush and vibrant landscape. We have flowers in Australia that can be found nowhere else on Earth! Take advantage of the beautiful fauna that our country has to offer. If you are after a flower a bit "lighter" and more traditional, why not display them in a more non-traditonal way? Instead of the typical flower arrangement in a vase, why not display the flowers inside of the vase? This way, you get the colour and the variety of beautiful flowers, but you don't have to worry about the arrangements being so high that your guests strain themselves to see the people on the opposite side of the table. Plus, it's so original!
Yes, the 2010 weddings season is upon us. Make it the best year yet to show off who you are, your personality, and the things that make you, you?
Photos courtesy of Instyle Weddings

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

Vintage Vampire

Are you one of the millions who have been swept up by the whole vampire, "Twilight" saga? I must confess, I have yet to be caught up in the craze, but I know a trend when I see it and the gothic vampire trend has officially hit the wedding industry.

Photo: Herald Sun
With roses of deep red, smoky eyes, and creamy; pale skin, the gothic "vampire" look is inspiring Australian brides everywhere to ditch the orangey spray tans.

So if you aren't the conventional bride, if you prefer luxurious burgundy's to bright sunny yellows, if you lean towards brooding and intense romance rather than playful and flirtatious romance, then maybe this dramatic, vintage trend is just for you. Just make sure if you do it, it's done correctly, otherwise, it might be a little too "Tim Burton-ish".