26 November, 2010


So, I've been sittin on 560'ish likers on Facebook, for the past 63 years. Or, so it seems.  I'm trying to get to 1000, just to see what it feels like. Will you help me get there?

I've learned during my years as a business owner that the most rewarding accomplishments come with the smallest of baby steps.  Which is why I'm not shooting for 1000.  I'm shooting for750.

Will you help me get there?

Once I get to 750, I'll randomly pick a "liker" and give you a personalised notecard set with matching envelopes.

Once I get to 1000? Well, I just can't say right now because it's too awesome.

So, without further ado, can you please hit the "recommend to friends" button?

You'll be my best friend and I'll love you forever. :)