23 September, 2009

A Summer Wedding

Yes, I know, it's going into fall in America, but here in Australia, we are pushing into what promises to be another sweltering summer! So shouldn't our hot Australian sun reflect in the brilliance that is these hot; vibrant; summer colours?
{Just make sure if you're in Australia and you're planning a summer wedding..to maybe put the dining table *indoors*.}

Thanks again to Abbey Larson & Style Me Pretty for these photos. You can view the full post here, www.stylemepretty.com

A Vintage Inspired Wedding

I love how this couple used old antique items to convey their personality..from the old family photos displayed on the antique trunk..to the turquoise car and genuine typewriter! Each antique item played a bit part in the overall story of this couple's beautiful day.

Splendid! I love this wedding. Thank you to Abby Larson "Style Me Pretty" for these photos. Please visit their website for the full post and the rest of the pictures. www.stylemepretty.com