22 February, 2010

My new addiction..monograms and logos

I absolutely love a good monogram and logo. I love that you can use them on all of your personal correspondence and even on websites/blogs/Facebook/Twitter...etc. A good monogram tells those that see it, who you are; what you like, and can even give others a glimpse into your personality. If you're a business, a monogram or logo is vital when "branding" yourself..it's quite necessary to have the ability to take your logo and translate it into every aspect of your business.

Now, mind you, when I say monogram and/or logo, I'm not talkin the stuffy old fashioned kind...you know the ones. Ones that my grandfather had specially embroidered into his golf polo's. No. Not for me. Instead, I like chic, fun, colourful, not your average, and oh-so-cute monogram's and logos. These are just a few of the designs that I've come up with in the last few days. Have a look at these, and all the rest can be found in my Etsy shop.

You can purchase one from me on Etsy, for just $15.00. I will customize it with your name/address/text that you prefer, and the colour that you prefer. You'll receive 2 high resolution jpeg images, one in your choice of colours and the other in black and/or black & white. Use them on note cards, envelopes, letterhead, or even as a Facebook avatar, or blog heading..the possibilities are endless! And for only $15.00!!

xoxox Autumn

PS. While you're there, you might as well peruse my selection of oh-so-unorthodox & quirky notecards!