14 October, 2009

Tools of the trade

The husband...a very important tool of the trade. The husband is always very effective in completing the tasks that are mundane and/or too difficult, or just not fun. i.e. measuring paper to cut. Not fun. So, I use the all important husband tool to use his proficient skills in Math, to measure the paper so I can turn it into something pretty...hence, fun.
Blank pieces of white cardstock...for a project that is yet to be completed, and images yet to be posted. {Photo's will come soon.}

The pencil, eraser, bone folder, ruler, exacto knife and self-healing cutting mat. Essentials.

Artsy fartsy "paints", stamp, ink pad, & glitter glue that will be used in my current project.
These tools of my trade will make more sense and be more understandable when I complete my current project and post the photos. It's tons of hard work...constant, back breaking, tedious, hard work..but it's so worth it. I ♥ my trade.

Melbourne Exhibition Building

Is it a coincidence that we were at the Melbourne Craft Expo and Rodney is wearing a T-shirt that says, "I see dumb people". Thanks sweetie.

Loving the interior of the Exhibition building...second only to the awesome array of crafty craft craftsmen.

Just a few interior shots of the Melbourne Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Craft Expo that was taking place inside. What a great day!