27 September, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

The new home of my pretty patterned chair..underneath the DIY project of a few weeks ago.
The new home of my pretty new striped chair.

Nice silvery chair leg bottoms...after a bit of sanding with Glass Sandpaper

Ahhh...what a cute couple they make!

So I know you are dying to know what the verdict is:
  • Chairs- originally $30 for the both of them..the guy at the market told me in his gruff Eastern European accent, after he saw Rodney spying them.." I give you both $5!" Uh, excuse me? Are you serious? "Yes, $5 for both". SOLD! From $30 to $5..not bad.
  • Fabric-thank you Ikea. $15 for enough fabric for both chairs
  • Paint-Nippon + Bunnings = approx $8 worth used
  • Trimming-$8 at Spotlight


What's that you say? I'm awesome? Oh yes, thank you! Not bad for a couple unique chairs that you won't be able to find in any shop...plus, it allowed my wonderful husband and I some quality time!

So now it's up to you to try and beat that...2 DIY chairs for under $50. Consider Operation Tush Re-Cush a success!

Operation Tush Re-Cush *UPDATE*

Rodney hard at work pulling apart 35 year old glue..God bless him!

Is the bottom of the chair legs "gold-esque"? Or are they just old; stained "silver-esque"?

Oh what a state these brownish/greenish vinyl covers are in..I'm sure at one point or another members from the Brady and/or Partridge families sat in these chairs.

So you all will remember that approximately 2 weeks ago, I started "Operation Tush Re-Cush". The ultimate goal was to pluck these chairs from their death row sentence and to bring them back to life...all on a meager budget of $50 or less. {That's AUD$50, NOT US$50..which means I have alot less to work with...} "Imposible!" {spoken w/ a French accent} you say...to which I respond "Non, n'est pas imposible!" I have managed to win the battle of Operation Tush Re-cush for a mere....