21 June, 2010

June Vendor of the Month

"Fabric bunting banners, handmade with a giggle."
Amy Costin is the brains, and talent, behind Giggleberry Creations.  She handcrafts banners for all occasions, from a child's birthday, to an elegant wedding...and all events in between.  Using the best fabrics, each banner is intricately sewn creating a beautiful piece of décor that is full of style and craftsmanship.
Are you after a custom banner for a specific event, or "just because"?  Not to worry.  Amy can easily custom design a banner for your specific needs, taking into account the best fabrics that perfectly suit your colour pallette and theme.  Each banner can also be personalized with a name or word of your choice, making them perfect for an anniversary or birthday party.
Next time you are having an event, and you want to decorate with something more, something unique, and something better than the typical boring balloons, check out Giggleberry Creations.  You'll have something perfect and unique, that you can use for years to come...long after you've swept away the deflated balloons.

You can visit the Giggleberry gallery here.

E: giggleberrycreations@gmail.com