24 February, 2010

Making Things Happen

The past few months that I've been on Twitter, I've seen "tweet" after "tweet" after "tweet" referring to #MTH2010. What the heck is #MTH2010? "Oh, it must just be a US/wedding industry 'thing'", I thought. Well, yes, kinda...and no. I'll get more into what #MTH2010 is in a second...I just need to digress for a bit...

So, in my mind and heart, I started The Paper Couturière almost 20 years ago when I was age ??{You didn't think I'd tell you, did you?}. Paper & design have both been life long passions and it wasn't until I was an adult that I realized I could actually make a business of it. My plans; ideas, and dreams, really came to fruition in 2008.

Starting my own business has been such a blessing, however, I've struggled to "Brand" my business. Who am I? Who is The Paper Couturière? What image or style do I want to convey to my current and future clients? I've always struggled with finding the right image that perfectly conveys just who I am. {Am I bright; colourful; & funky? yes. Am I sheer, subtle, all light muted tones? yes. Am I retro, eclectic, & funky? yes. I'm all of those styles. Do I want to brand myself & my business based on my strong French/Cajun heritage?}

Yes. I need help. My name is Autumn, I'm 38 years old, I've lived in 3 countries and 15 of the 50 US States, and I need help...STAT. So you see, personal as well as professional branding is a current struggle for me..even though I'm knocking on 40's door. One of these days, I know the lightbulb will go off in my head and I'll know what style I need to convey. Until then...more on #MTH2010

Coordinated and run by Lara Casey, Editor of Southern Weddings Magazine, #MTH2010 is an intensive seminar intended to cut to the core of who we are. Once we learn who we are, everything about our life, and our business changes. We are all full of boundless potential, both personal and professional. This intensive is intended to harness that potential and lead it in the direction of positive outcome. It's meant to fire you up, motivate you, inspire you, want to change your weaknesses to strengths, and help you to make decisions in your life that will help you to succeed, succeed, and succeed some more. "From branding to bold moves to everything in between", this course, will change. your. life... if you let it, if you want it, if you are strong enough, serious enough, and determined enough. I am. I am. I am. And I am. {Did you see that word up there? Branding?}

Lara has been running the intensive all across the good ol' US of A and back, and it's been earning rave reviews from sea to shining sea. Well, I'm not gonna let a little body of water like the Pacific Ocean stop me, so, I contacted Lara. To cut an even longer story a bit shorter...

#MTH is Coming. To. Oz. Holy. Cow.

Melbourne {where I live now}, Brisbane, Perth, H0bart, Sydney, Adelaide..I don't care.
I. Am. There.

So you see? This is how my branding + Making Things Happen come together. I'm desperate to be a part of something that has changed so many lives and so many businesses. I want to learn. I want to strip myself bare to reveal the Autumn Du Pré-Moore that I really am.

Yes. I am going to Make. Things. Happen. Watch this space folks. Big things are gonna happen _______ here.

23 February, 2010

My Wedding Concierge

About 5 years ago when I was knee deep in wedding magazines and swatches, I was the typical Bride-to-be: lugging around a 15lb notebook {that's roughly 30 kilo's for all you Aussies out there} everywhere I went, & dropping clip outs here; there; and everywhere...like little Gretel dropping her bread crumbs to find her way home. It was not pretty. I used the internet as much as I could, but, even that was a patience tester given the fact that much of the planning for my American wedding, was done after I moved to Australia. No. Easy. Feat. What I needed was a "1-stop-shop", if you will. I needed someplace to go, where all of the wedding resources that I needed, in the town I was getting married in {The Seelbach Hilton, Lousiville KY, FYI}, was available at my fingertips. Sadly, in 2005/2006, I knew of no such place.

Almost 4 years after my wedding, I know of a place now:

My Wedding Concierge. *cue angels singing in harmony*

Imagine you're a bride at the infant stages of planning. You have no idea. You are swamped. You are overwhelmed with information overload. You need help. Imagine you're walking down the street with your 15lb. notebook and all of your clip outs are falling out of said notebook, flying around, you're desperate to catch all of them, etc. Got that visual? I do. And it's scary. So you're walking down the street and you happen to spot a cute little wedding boutique on the corner with a sign reading "My Wedding Concierge". It's cozy and it's welcoming, and you know that they serve the best latté around. Now, we all know what a concierge does right? They greet you with a smile at your favourite hotel; they carry your bags; they show you the way, and they are a great resource for all of the local "hot spots" that you're after. Do you see the emerging pattern? Imagine that in the Wedding Industry. Pretty awesome huh? This is precisely what My Wedding Concierge is in a nutshell: your wedding resource for local vendors right at your fingertips.

A little information on this Bridal Godsend:

My Wedding Concierge was launched in September 2009 by Founder and CEO Phyllis Cheung and is based on the "emerging market of mobile wedding marketing..." Essentially, it allows Brides who are on-the-go, the ease of on-the-go wedding planning. One of the core components of the My Wedding Concierge marketing tool is the "My Wedding Concierge" iPhone App, which is available free of charge, from the Apple App Store {or iTunes}. The only iPhone App that focuses solely on wedding vendors, it allows brides the ease of accessing; researching, and requesting vendor information, all from their mobile phone. When brides use this mobile tool, along with the website, www.my-wedding-concierge.com, they are provided "with a mobile collaboration tool, which will allow brides to not only find and rank vendors, but share and organize them..." On the website, vendors can upload up to 30 photos of weddings for the bride to look through, rate her favourites, and store them in her favourites folder. When the bride wants to refer back to her favourites folder, she can click on the "Request Info" button & an email is sent to the vendor for follow-up. Thus, effectively, ending the days of lugging around 15lb notebooks. Amazing, yeah?
Since launching, the App has had over 12,000 downloads and consistently 100-150 brides daily are downloading the app.

The future of My Wedding Concierge? Besides World domination? "To be the ultimate wedding search engine". Brides will be able to refer to the website for everything from images and news articles, to vendors and blogs, making it possible for brides to search through many wedding blogs in one location, rather than doing a different search for each blog.

For Vendors: The cost to advertise on both the iPhone App and on the website starts at $29.99/month with no contracts. The bonus is having your name and your business listed on an invaluable site.

For Brides, both current and future: How awesome is My Wedding Concierge? Can I just be honest for a minute? I haven't been a bride in years...and I have the app on my iPhone and the site in my favourites menu.

Get it now. Use it everyday. Love it forever. Enough Said.

22 February, 2010

My new addiction..monograms and logos

I absolutely love a good monogram and logo. I love that you can use them on all of your personal correspondence and even on websites/blogs/Facebook/Twitter...etc. A good monogram tells those that see it, who you are; what you like, and can even give others a glimpse into your personality. If you're a business, a monogram or logo is vital when "branding" yourself..it's quite necessary to have the ability to take your logo and translate it into every aspect of your business.

Now, mind you, when I say monogram and/or logo, I'm not talkin the stuffy old fashioned kind...you know the ones. Ones that my grandfather had specially embroidered into his golf polo's. No. Not for me. Instead, I like chic, fun, colourful, not your average, and oh-so-cute monogram's and logos. These are just a few of the designs that I've come up with in the last few days. Have a look at these, and all the rest can be found in my Etsy shop.

You can purchase one from me on Etsy, for just $15.00. I will customize it with your name/address/text that you prefer, and the colour that you prefer. You'll receive 2 high resolution jpeg images, one in your choice of colours and the other in black and/or black & white. Use them on note cards, envelopes, letterhead, or even as a Facebook avatar, or blog heading..the possibilities are endless! And for only $15.00!!

xoxox Autumn

PS. While you're there, you might as well peruse my selection of oh-so-unorthodox & quirky notecards!

18 February, 2010

March 2010 Australian Bridal Events

March 2010

Australian Bridal Fair
Every Wednesday - Sunday
211 Flinders St, Adelaide SA
Cost: Free
08 8232 4844, www.australianbridalfair.com.au

Campbelltown Catholic Club Bridal Open Day
6 March, 2010
Campbelltown Catholic Club - Camden Rd, Campbelltown NSW
Cost: Free
02 4629 7211; functions@cathclub.com.au

Dusk Bridal Fair 2010
6 - 7 March, 2010
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA
Cost: $15
08 9454 9390

Your Local Wedding Guide Bridal Expo - Gold Coast
7 March, 2010
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Cnr Gold Coast Highway & TE Peters Drive, Boradbeach QLD
Cost: $10
07 3891 1299; expo@weddingguide.com.au

Midsummer's Night Bridal Affair
19 March, 2010
Mirra Private Dining & Events, 86 Bridge St, Fortitude Valley QLD
Cost: VIP invite only
Register to win VIP tickets: www.mira.net.au/bridalaffair

Old Government House Wedding Open Day
20 March, 2010
Old Government House, QUT Gardens Point, 2 George St, Brisbane QLD
Cost: Free
07 3138 4463; oghevents@qut.edu.au

Wedding Open Day
21 March, 2010
Middlebrook Estate, RSD 43 Sand Rd, McLaren Vale SA
Cost: Free
08 8383 0600

I do I do Wedding Expo
21 March, 2010
Bendigo Schweppes Centre, Marong Road, Bendigo VIC
Cost: $12
(03) 5440 6210

The Wedding Workshop
24 March, 2010
Villa Kula, 8/13 Blackly Rd, Yangebup WA
Cost: $65
08 9456 5992; Ido@theweddingworkshop.com.au

Queensland Brides Wedding Expo
26 - 28 March, 2010
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Merivale Street, South Bank QLD
Cost: $10
07 3217 4654

Parramatta Leagues Club Wedding Expo
28 March, 2010
Parramatta Leagues Club, 13 O'Connell Street, Parramatta NSW
Cost: Free
1300 66 3456

The Wedding Party - Bridal and Formal Wear Expo
28 March, 2010
Taree-Wingham Race Club, Bushland Drv, Taree NSW
Cost: $8
02 6551 2299

Belair Park Country Club Bridal Expo
31 March, 2010
Belair Park Country Club, Upper Sturt Rd, Belair SA
08 8278 8991; info@belairparkcountryclub.com.au

Yungaburra Bridal Expo
TBC March, 2010
Yungaburra Village Chapel, 33 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra QLD
Cost: $20

Novotel Northbeach Wedding Open Day
TBC March, 2010
Novotel Northbeach, 2-14 Cliff Rd, North Wollongong NSW
02 4224 3111

Lake Karrinyup Country Club Wedding Open Day
TBC March, 2010
Lake Karrinyup Country Club, 83 North Beach Rd, North Beach WA
08 9422 8237

Notecard Newbies

My little lovelies have finally arrived and can be found in my Etsy shop by clicking here. It's been a soul-searching-gut-wrenching-blood-sweat-and-tears process, but my new range of note cards are here! Perfect for someone who's a little "left of centre"..who just might have a wicked sense of humour, and a dirty mind to boot! Hallmark? No. Way. These are fun, outspoken, honest, and come with a side of sarcasm.


17 February, 2010

Sneak Peak

Don't say I didn't warn you! Here is the tiniest of tiny sneak peaks of what's to come when my new range of personal stationery and correspondence is launched. Think unorthodox; whimsical; and maybe a little daring...Can't wait...not long to go now! :)

Lisa & Anthony

One of 4 of my newest clients, Lisa & Anthony are a couple getting married in May. They came to me the week before Christmas to hire me to complete their wedding suite. I, of course, was only to happy to oblige. They are both so sweet, and I wanted to make sure they got exactly what they wanted.

With a colour palette of very pale yellow, cream, and off white, I wanted to give them an invitation that was delicate, yet beautiful, and one that reflected the lightness of the colours they chose. Lisa will be wearing pearl jewelry & her wedding dress is highlighted by beautiful off white lace, and I wanted to mirror that in the invites.

I can't wait to deliver them on Friday to the soon-to-be-Mr.-&-Mrs. :)

16 February, 2010

IZZY Magazine

It's here!

The official launch of San Francisco's premier online bridal magazine, IZZY Magazine, has finally made it. It's modern, fun, sexy, colourful, and is FULL of information that can help the brides of today easily make decisions to help them plan and execute their own perfect day!

Okay, I'm a little biased. Why? Because Melissa, the Editor in Chief/Publisher, graciously contacted me a few months back and asked if I would be happy to have a piece written on me, and The Paper Couturière. What? Are you kidding? Of course! So I set off to design a special IZZY invite and RSVP and answered the interview questions. You'll find my interview on story on page 77.

Thank you so much to Malisha Maupin for your excellent piece you wrote on me and The Paper Couturière. Your talent and love for the written word shown through! :)

Melissa Bagley, Editor in Chief/Publisher Extraordinaire, thank you so much for your support, encouragment, and positive energy that you continuously send to me via trans-pacific energy waves! The magazine is breathtaking! Your determination and hard work have really paid off!

Enjoy & Happy Reading! :)

02 February, 2010

My Wedding

A little glimpse into my wedding... {Seelbach Hilton Louisville, KY. 19 August 2006}
"Mama's little helper"..thank you Korbel. I've had some mighty fine times with you.
Our Mad Hatter...blueberry on top and bottom tier {think blueberry, as in one ginormous blueberry muffin}, with orange and cherry in the centre tier. Okay. I got married in Louisville KY in the middle of August. Anyone at all who has spent anytime there during the summer knows how hot and humid it gets. I was not trying to have a heavy; weighty cake that was layer upon layer of thick icing and cream and fondant. So, we went light and fruity and it was the most devine cake..ever.
The Tim Tam. If you're an Aussie, keep reading cause this will not hold any importance to you. I used individually wrapped packets of Tim Tams as my favour. Now, I'm sure you American's know what a Tim Tam is by now, seeing as how Kroger is carrying them via Pepperidge Farm. Let me just say that if it's not by Arnotts, and Pepperidge Farm is not Arnotts, then it's not a Tim Tam. I digress. TT's are a staple in every respectable Aussie cupboard...like Nutella {yuck} or Vegemite {double yuck}. They are crisp and creamy in the centre..full of chocolately goodness. If you haven't tasted an Aussie Tim Tam, you've not lived. Which is why they were my favour. My favour tag?: "From the land down under, for you a treat. It's a chocolate Aussie Tim Tam, and it's so yummy to eat." {Okay, typing that out, I realized just how corny that is.}

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Ain't no ocean great enough either because R and I endured 14 months of seperation while he was in Australia and I was in the US. Our entire relationship was spent living apart. Nothing was going to seperate us, which is why we chose that song as our processional.
My sister and I. I love her. Nuff said.
My sweet precious Hunter.
Posed? Yes. Still love the photo.
In all my tattooed-tattered- friendship- bracelet -that- Hunter- made- me-a-million-years-ago goodness. Holding my baby's hand. Yes. It was the perfect day indeed.

01 February, 2010

What's a Man, uh, Groom, to do?

Back when Rodney and I were planning our wedding, I likened the wedding day preparations for him, as like a big girly shopping trip where he would have to wait for me while I tried on countless of outfits in store after store, each time asking, "does this make my butt look too big"? Yeah, I never took him as the kind of guy who would have insane amounts of fun wrapping votives in decorative paper or really losing sleep over champagne types or the pro's and con's of fondant. He is the typical male when it comes to things like this....which is why I took care of the girly things, only letting him know what decisions I had made after I made them. It was safer that way {and alot less stressful}.

But do the girls ever stop to think that, "Hey, wait a minute. This is his wedding too. What if there are aspects about it that he might like to have a say in?" Just as I'm sure there were facets of the preparations that R would've liked to participate in, there might be facets of your own wedding planning that your fiancé might want to be a part of.

Here is a list of 20 things that, if they are going to be present in your wedding, let your man look after them. It'll make him feel included and what's more, he'll be ever so greatful that you trusted him enough to have his say so in certain aspects of the wedding day. After all, he's gonna be there too, right?

1) Asking his best friend to be his best man.
2) Designing your wedding website.
3) Working on the music playlist. {Especially if you are using your iPod.}
4) Picking out the appetizers.
5) Creating a wedding microbrew. {Hello? Fun for a guy? Yes.}
6) Choosing what he'll wear? {It's just 1 day ladies. You can let him do this for just 1 day.}
7) Comparing cake flavours.
8) Researching the honeymoon.
9) Figuring out the map/directions cards {We all know how good guys are at asking directions.}
10) Going to the menu tasting.
11) Proofreading the invitations; programs, etc. {Guys like finding mistakes.}
12) Wielding the scan gun as you register for gifts. {It'll make him feel like Dirty Harry.}
13) Getting a day-before massage. {With you, of course.}
14) Choosing your wedding day ride. {Cross your fingers it's not a Harley.}
15) Writing his vows.
16) Attending the Bachelor Party {Bucks Night} {& hopefully remembering it.}
17) Unwrapping presents.,
18) Deciding on the wines.
19) Organizing pyrotechnics {fireworks, sparklers, etc}.
20) Practicing the first kiss.

Letting your man take charge of at least some of these aspects of your big day, it'll take the stress off of you {always a plus} and make him feel included & that his wants are taken into consideration. Putting you both, in a win-win situation.