30 April, 2010

Where would you love to live? - Katrina

Well, I love where I live right now. I love Australia..so much so that I get my citizenship in December. YAY. My hubby is an Aussie,& he's never lived in the US, so eventually we want to move back there. {Like in 10-15 years.} When we do, we'll go to San Francisco. I grew up there, & most of my close family lives there. San Francisco, to me, is the most beautiful city on Earth. Not just physcially, but the spirit and the energy of the city is unmatched. So, I would love to move back there. When the time is right.

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I'm alive...and designing

I'm alive you all!  I really am!  I've just been so busy lately...lots of ups and downs, ins and outs, but, I'm here and I'm pushing on. {See post below.}

Have been superbly busy, and on the days I've not been superbly busy, I've been catching up with life things that creep up when I'm busy, that I put to the back burner. But I'm here. Still.

One of my latest projects has been designing a Simplicity Range of wedding stationery, to be sold exclusively through my Etsy store. The range is meant to be classic, clean, simple, and timeless...and also meant to be cost effective, so as to not blow your wedding budget.

The range is listed along with the RSVP cards, but as each piece is designed around the monogram, each piece of wedding stationery from the invite to the menu and all pieces in between, can easily be coordinated, giving you a flawless and seamless stationery line from start to finish.