02 February, 2010

My Wedding

A little glimpse into my wedding... {Seelbach Hilton Louisville, KY. 19 August 2006}
"Mama's little helper"..thank you Korbel. I've had some mighty fine times with you.
Our Mad Hatter...blueberry on top and bottom tier {think blueberry, as in one ginormous blueberry muffin}, with orange and cherry in the centre tier. Okay. I got married in Louisville KY in the middle of August. Anyone at all who has spent anytime there during the summer knows how hot and humid it gets. I was not trying to have a heavy; weighty cake that was layer upon layer of thick icing and cream and fondant. So, we went light and fruity and it was the most devine cake..ever.
The Tim Tam. If you're an Aussie, keep reading cause this will not hold any importance to you. I used individually wrapped packets of Tim Tams as my favour. Now, I'm sure you American's know what a Tim Tam is by now, seeing as how Kroger is carrying them via Pepperidge Farm. Let me just say that if it's not by Arnotts, and Pepperidge Farm is not Arnotts, then it's not a Tim Tam. I digress. TT's are a staple in every respectable Aussie cupboard...like Nutella {yuck} or Vegemite {double yuck}. They are crisp and creamy in the centre..full of chocolately goodness. If you haven't tasted an Aussie Tim Tam, you've not lived. Which is why they were my favour. My favour tag?: "From the land down under, for you a treat. It's a chocolate Aussie Tim Tam, and it's so yummy to eat." {Okay, typing that out, I realized just how corny that is.}

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Ain't no ocean great enough either because R and I endured 14 months of seperation while he was in Australia and I was in the US. Our entire relationship was spent living apart. Nothing was going to seperate us, which is why we chose that song as our processional.
My sister and I. I love her. Nuff said.
My sweet precious Hunter.
Posed? Yes. Still love the photo.
In all my tattooed-tattered- friendship- bracelet -that- Hunter- made- me-a-million-years-ago goodness. Holding my baby's hand. Yes. It was the perfect day indeed.