20 September, 2009

Last weeks DIY project

Last weekend, I decided that I wanted to do a quick and easy DIY project. I have tons of pieces of paper lying around with ideas, but had no place to post them for easy reference. And I didn't want your average, boring, run-of-the-mill corkboard. So off to Bunnings {Home Depot for all you Americans} and Ikea Rodney and I went.

We purchased some chair railing for about $10/3 metres, a pot of bright green sample paint for $4, a 6 pack of cork tiles for $13, and the material was purchased at Ikea...$9.99/metre. We came home where Rodney swiftly cut the wood to make a frame. It took a couple of days to get the frame together, when you count drying time for paint and wood glue. In the meantime, we had a spare piece of wood that we used to adhere the 6 cork tiles to, which gave me my corkboard. Once the glue had set on the tiles, I covered the whole thing w/ the Ikea fabric and attached it to the back of the board w/ a staple gun. Then we just attached the board to the frame with some nifty little corner attachment thingy-ma-bobbers {which is the technical term, by the way}, and voilà! A corkboard that is both unique AND functional! **Now, if only I could find all those scraps of paper w/ ideas** And all that for only $33! {Well, actually not even that much because I have wood and fabric left over...maybe for another project?}

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