11 January, 2010

Vintage Vampire

Are you one of the millions who have been swept up by the whole vampire, "Twilight" saga? I must confess, I have yet to be caught up in the craze, but I know a trend when I see it and the gothic vampire trend has officially hit the wedding industry.

Photo: Herald Sun
With roses of deep red, smoky eyes, and creamy; pale skin, the gothic "vampire" look is inspiring Australian brides everywhere to ditch the orangey spray tans.

So if you aren't the conventional bride, if you prefer luxurious burgundy's to bright sunny yellows, if you lean towards brooding and intense romance rather than playful and flirtatious romance, then maybe this dramatic, vintage trend is just for you. Just make sure if you do it, it's done correctly, otherwise, it might be a little too "Tim Burton-ish".

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  1. Love this idea, can't wait to photograph a bride like this :)