24 February, 2010

Making Things Happen

The past few months that I've been on Twitter, I've seen "tweet" after "tweet" after "tweet" referring to #MTH2010. What the heck is #MTH2010? "Oh, it must just be a US/wedding industry 'thing'", I thought. Well, yes, kinda...and no. I'll get more into what #MTH2010 is in a second...I just need to digress for a bit...

So, in my mind and heart, I started The Paper Couturière almost 20 years ago when I was age ??{You didn't think I'd tell you, did you?}. Paper & design have both been life long passions and it wasn't until I was an adult that I realized I could actually make a business of it. My plans; ideas, and dreams, really came to fruition in 2008.

Starting my own business has been such a blessing, however, I've struggled to "Brand" my business. Who am I? Who is The Paper Couturière? What image or style do I want to convey to my current and future clients? I've always struggled with finding the right image that perfectly conveys just who I am. {Am I bright; colourful; & funky? yes. Am I sheer, subtle, all light muted tones? yes. Am I retro, eclectic, & funky? yes. I'm all of those styles. Do I want to brand myself & my business based on my strong French/Cajun heritage?}

Yes. I need help. My name is Autumn, I'm 38 years old, I've lived in 3 countries and 15 of the 50 US States, and I need help...STAT. So you see, personal as well as professional branding is a current struggle for me..even though I'm knocking on 40's door. One of these days, I know the lightbulb will go off in my head and I'll know what style I need to convey. Until then...more on #MTH2010

Coordinated and run by Lara Casey, Editor of Southern Weddings Magazine, #MTH2010 is an intensive seminar intended to cut to the core of who we are. Once we learn who we are, everything about our life, and our business changes. We are all full of boundless potential, both personal and professional. This intensive is intended to harness that potential and lead it in the direction of positive outcome. It's meant to fire you up, motivate you, inspire you, want to change your weaknesses to strengths, and help you to make decisions in your life that will help you to succeed, succeed, and succeed some more. "From branding to bold moves to everything in between", this course, will change. your. life... if you let it, if you want it, if you are strong enough, serious enough, and determined enough. I am. I am. I am. And I am. {Did you see that word up there? Branding?}

Lara has been running the intensive all across the good ol' US of A and back, and it's been earning rave reviews from sea to shining sea. Well, I'm not gonna let a little body of water like the Pacific Ocean stop me, so, I contacted Lara. To cut an even longer story a bit shorter...

#MTH is Coming. To. Oz. Holy. Cow.

Melbourne {where I live now}, Brisbane, Perth, H0bart, Sydney, Adelaide..I don't care.
I. Am. There.

So you see? This is how my branding + Making Things Happen come together. I'm desperate to be a part of something that has changed so many lives and so many businesses. I want to learn. I want to strip myself bare to reveal the Autumn Du Pré-Moore that I really am.

Yes. I am going to Make. Things. Happen. Watch this space folks. Big things are gonna happen _______ here.


  1. hehehe you told us your age!

    You go Autumn, I'm sure you'll find the 'branding' you're looking for.

  2. What an amazing opportunity!! Might see you there!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! What a fantastic look into your inner soul because let's face it- Paper is so deeply part of who we are as paper designers and I commend you for taking charge & contacting Lara to come out there. Look at you- all grown up and Making Things Happen! You. Go. Woman! I can't wait to follow you on your journey through #MTH2010 and beyond. Best of Luck, Autumn!