01 February, 2010

What's a Man, uh, Groom, to do?

Back when Rodney and I were planning our wedding, I likened the wedding day preparations for him, as like a big girly shopping trip where he would have to wait for me while I tried on countless of outfits in store after store, each time asking, "does this make my butt look too big"? Yeah, I never took him as the kind of guy who would have insane amounts of fun wrapping votives in decorative paper or really losing sleep over champagne types or the pro's and con's of fondant. He is the typical male when it comes to things like this....which is why I took care of the girly things, only letting him know what decisions I had made after I made them. It was safer that way {and alot less stressful}.

But do the girls ever stop to think that, "Hey, wait a minute. This is his wedding too. What if there are aspects about it that he might like to have a say in?" Just as I'm sure there were facets of the preparations that R would've liked to participate in, there might be facets of your own wedding planning that your fiancé might want to be a part of.

Here is a list of 20 things that, if they are going to be present in your wedding, let your man look after them. It'll make him feel included and what's more, he'll be ever so greatful that you trusted him enough to have his say so in certain aspects of the wedding day. After all, he's gonna be there too, right?

1) Asking his best friend to be his best man.
2) Designing your wedding website.
3) Working on the music playlist. {Especially if you are using your iPod.}
4) Picking out the appetizers.
5) Creating a wedding microbrew. {Hello? Fun for a guy? Yes.}
6) Choosing what he'll wear? {It's just 1 day ladies. You can let him do this for just 1 day.}
7) Comparing cake flavours.
8) Researching the honeymoon.
9) Figuring out the map/directions cards {We all know how good guys are at asking directions.}
10) Going to the menu tasting.
11) Proofreading the invitations; programs, etc. {Guys like finding mistakes.}
12) Wielding the scan gun as you register for gifts. {It'll make him feel like Dirty Harry.}
13) Getting a day-before massage. {With you, of course.}
14) Choosing your wedding day ride. {Cross your fingers it's not a Harley.}
15) Writing his vows.
16) Attending the Bachelor Party {Bucks Night} {& hopefully remembering it.}
17) Unwrapping presents.,
18) Deciding on the wines.
19) Organizing pyrotechnics {fireworks, sparklers, etc}.
20) Practicing the first kiss.

Letting your man take charge of at least some of these aspects of your big day, it'll take the stress off of you {always a plus} and make him feel included & that his wants are taken into consideration. Putting you both, in a win-win situation.

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