27 May, 2010

Would you choose Wood?

....I hope you said yes!

If you're an Australian bride, and want a wood invitation, it used to be a lengthy search, usually ending up with a studio somewhere in America.  Seriously folks, who wants to pay that shipping charge?  Trust me. It's not pretty.  But, yours truly has solved that problem for you!  *please hold your applause*

Very proudly, I announce that The Paper Couturière is one of only a couple Australia wide design studios that offer wood invitations!

Introducing a new range of invitations made from your choice of wood!  With more than 15 types of wood available from Birch to Cherry, Aspen to Sycamore, and Oak to Mahogany, there is no doubt you'll be spoiled for choice.  Perfect for an outdoor garden, vineyard, or park wedding, wooden invitations are unique, beautiful, and cost effective.

Now, who will be the first client to order a little wooden pretty?

Pictures 1 & 2 are Maple.
Pictures 3 & 4 are Cherry.
Picture 5 is Birch.

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