03 February, 2011

Why "pulp + palette"?

pulp + palette
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I'm sure there's been at least 1 of you out there that have wondered how I came up with the name "pulp + palette".  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy.  There are about 7,291 words in the English {and French} language that I love so much and at least 93% of them were shortlisted to be at least 1 word in my new business name.  I went through list upon list of the things that I love and tried to find words to associate with them.  I thought and I pondered and I lost sleep.  And then, in a flash, without thought or contemplation, pulp & palette were the 2 words that hit me, all at once.  I put the 2 together, thought about how I could use them, and there you go.

I wanted my name to represent my design in 2 different ways:

1} Pulp:  I'm learning the art of the letterpress and "pulp" made the cut because of my obsession love for cotton rag paper/card stock, which, is a common choice of card stock among letterpress printers.  I'll certainly stock plenty of it.  Oh, and as a side note, once I'm comfortable and confident in my skills as a letterpress printer {I'm slowly getting there}, then letterpress will be the main printing option that I'll offer.

2} Palette:  This word encompasses all of the other design aspects that I'll cover on my revamped blog.  From all sorts of interior design {one of my favourite forms of design} to DiY, my revamped blog will be my chronicles of my own DiY projects or projects that at some point, I want to tackle.  I will say this now, at the risk of losing blog members and/or not gaining any new ones, I will have very little posts regarding weddings and even less posts regarding fashion.  I'm not the typical girl.  Fashion is probably the very last thing on my list of priorities, so I'm not going to take time to write about it. Weddings?  Well, I love them, indeed I do.  But, I'm going to focus more on lifestyle and design.  Wedding inspiration boards? No. I won't have them. And I'll keep the reasons why I won't, to myself.  But, I will have Lifestyle boards.  More on those in a later post.

So, there you have it.  That's the reason why I chose pulp + palette.

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