20 December, 2009

IZZY Magazine {San Francisco}

I am so excited! I got a wonderful message from Melissa Bagley, the creative force extraordinaire, behind IZZY Magazine. IZZY Magazine is a wedding e-zine, based out of San Francisco. It's not your everyday wedding magazine..it's new, fresh, funky, and specializes in oh so different planning. I love it! And I can't wait until the first issue goes live!

Oh yeah, the message from Melissa...did I say that she is the creative force behind this wonderful magazine? Well, we have plans on meeting the next time I'm in San Francisco visiting the family, but until then, she has asked to feature me {The Paper Couturière} in the upcoming issue! YAY! Since I won't be in SF for a while yet, I'll complete the interview via email..and, away I go for some newest designs..I'm going to create a few and let the fine fellows of Australia Post fly them away to the Good Ol US of A, straight to the hands of this girl genius so she can see first hand the fine work of art that is The Paper Couturière. {I am allowed to toot my own horn right?}

Watch this space...details of the interview will make there way here eventually. :)

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